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Kim Jong-Un just executed his uncle

Kim Jong-Un, who hasn't been on the job all that long and is really quite young, accused his uncle of planning a coup and had him executed. Most experts agree that a high profile execution of a military leader like this is designed as a message to keep *other* military elements from rebelling.

North Korea says leader's uncle was executed - CNN.com

(CNN) -- An uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been executed for trying to overthrow the government, the Korean Central News Agency reported early Friday.

"Traitor Jang Song Thaek Executed" blared the headline posted by the state-run news agency about the man who, until recently, had been regarded as the nation's second-most powerful figure.

The story said that a special military tribunal had been held Thursday against the "traitor for all ages," who was accused of trying to overthrow the state "by all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods."

It added, "All the crimes committed by the accused were proved in the course of hearing and were admitted by him."

Once his guilt was established, Jang was immediately executed, it said.