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UPDATE: "Israel Poisoned Arafat with Polonium" Looking Less Likely

Following up, as we were one of many, many, many blogs that posted and re-posted with absolute declarative certainty that Israeli agents had poisoned Yasser Arafat using Polonium.

Also, this is a pretty scientifically interesting situation--and damned if Arafat's widow is not a remarkably classy person, putting her trust in both science and international law despite such extraordinary circumstances.

French expert report: No proof Arafat was poisoned - The Washington Post

French scientists looking into the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have dismissed poisoning by radioactive polonium, his widow announced Tuesday. The results contradict earlier findings by a Swiss lab, and mean it’s still unclear how Arafat died nine years ago.

Teams of scientists from three countries were appointed to determine whether polonium played a role in his death in a French military hospital in 2004. Palestinians have long suspected Israel of poisoning him, which Israel denies.

After a 2012 report that traces of radioactive polonium were found on Arafat’s clothing, Arafat’s widow filed a legal complaint in France seeking an investigation into whether he was murdered.

. . .

The French experts found traces of polonium but came to different conclusions than the Swiss about where they came from, finding that it was “of natural environmental origin,” Suha Arafat said.

. . .

Arafat’s widow and her legal team attributed the difference to the potential role of radioactive radon gas around the burial cloth and body in the tomb. Its presence was detected and measured by both the French and the Swiss. Radon, which is found naturally, transforms into polonium in a naturally occurring process.

Arafat and her lawyers reached the conclusion after consulting private experts to help them understand the French report.

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(thx to Ari Kohen for pointing out this article and this hardly open-and-shut death)