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Snapchat CEO fails Voigt-Kampff test

"Do you regret screwing your friend out of billions?" is an easy question to answer. It's a shame so many sociopath CEOs get it wrong.

Snapchat CEO: The Friend I Screwed Should Be Grateful

Snapchat's 23-year-old founder continues his goodwill campaign: in a video deposition clip obtained by Business Insider, Evan Spiegel says his only regrets about forcing out his partner is "the generosity" of letting him work for free. The video shows just how much contempt Spiegel, who has already pocketed millions in cash from Snapchat's investors, has for his former friend and partner—the privilege of working alongside him for room and board was its own reward.

When asked if he has any regrets, Spiegel did not provide the correct answer ("Yes, I regret imperially fucking over a close friend"), but instead stated, under oath, "I regret giving him so many chances ... He exploited my attempts at generosity." So there's your takeaway. Soak it in. Maybe he'll let you ride in the Ferrari someday.