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“Diana, huntress of bus drivers”

Street justice from vengeful ‘Diana’ in Ciudad Juarez - The Washington Post

Prosecutors say a middle-aged woman with blond hair or a blond wig boarded a bus along a major city thoroughfare, pulled out a gun and, without saying a word, shot the driver in the head three times.

She killed her second victim the following morning at 8:20 along the same bus route. This time, she boarded with other passengers, rode for several blocks, then approached the driver from behind and raised her gun as the bus came to a stop. “You guys think you’re so bad, don’t you?” witnesses heard her say.

Then, bang.

The driver slumped in his seat. The woman fled.

“We thought the first one was a crime of passion,” said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general. “But after the second one, it began to look like a case of revenge.”

A day after the second killing, local reporters received a communique signed by “Diana, huntress of bus drivers,” a name adopted from the Roman goddess whose statue towers over traffic in downtown Mexico City, her nude figure armed with bow and arrow.

The message said the killings were meant to avenge sexual assaults by bus drivers on women who toil long hours at the city’s assembly plants, or maquiladoras.
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