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This public school charges each 10th grader $600

Where Public High School Costs $600, Including A Mandatory Chromebook – Consumerist

It’s not unusual to see public schools that charge students for extracurriculars or sports, but we were surprised to see this bill from an Illinois school district where it costs $586 to enroll in tenth grade, including $300 for a Chromebook.

This was first brought to the attention of our semi-estranged ex-sibling site Gawker by an irritated parent.

There must be ways to save on that $600, right? I mean, students shouldn’t have to buy the Chromebook if they already have their own portable computer, right? Not so fast! The school wants students to all have the same computer. No weaseling out of this one. (It’s not clear whether students could go buy their own $200 Acer Chromebook and save a few bucks that way.) What’s the district’s justification for the computer?