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The people demand ever more stories about sexy vampires

Charlaine Harris, who writes the Sookie Stackhouse books that HBO's TRUE BLOOD is based on, has the final book in her series coming out this month. Many fans upon hearing that this is the last book have not taken it well. Not at all well.

Fervent Consumer Demand Is Only Unfortunate If You’re Sick Of Writing About Sexy Vampires – Consumerist

Charlaine Harris is no vampire, however, and at 61, the Wall Street Journal says she can’t keep going forever. Especially when she’s been sucked dry at having to weave together science fiction, crime, romance, fantasy, sexiness, werewolfiness, and all the other genres that get thrown together in the series.

From the WSJ‘s very interesting, detailed look at what it’s like to be such a loved author:

She ran out of fresh story lines about her bubbly blond protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who tangles with an ever-expanding supernatural cast of vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, demons, goblins, elves, witches and fairies. She struggled to keep track of the convoluted mythology she’d invented. Things that used to excite her, like unveiling new supernatural creatures, started to feel stale.

That’s why she announced next week’s Dead Ever After would be her last in the Sookie series. Cue the maddened cries of her fans, who are protesting, campaigning, and otherwise doing everything they can to keep her on task forever and ever and oh god, don’t take her (and Eric) away from us.

Thousands of readers have written her and begged, while others have resorted to taunting her online and saying she’ll regret killing the series. The WSJ says one fan even reportedly threatened to commit suicide if the ending isn’t up to snuff. No pressure, basically.

“I’m very fortunate that people are so invested in the series,” Harris told the WSJ. “At the same time, it can be a source of some anxiety to get emails that say, ‘If Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric, I’m going to kill myself.’ “