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NYC Public Schools Can’t Teach Sex Ed On Campus If The Catholic Church Owns Their Property

Today in religious oppression, public schools that rent space from the Catholic church are forbidden by the church from teaching sex ed.

Do we think it's a good idea to let landlords tell their renters what they can and cannot say?

NYC Public Schools Can't Teach Sex Ed On Campus If The Catholic Church Owns Their Property | ThinkProgress

In New York City, the public school students who attend classes in a building owned by the Catholic Church can’t actually attend all of their classes there. As the New York Daily News reports, students need to leave campus in order to receive state-mandated instruction on sexual health, as part of a long-standing agreement between Church officials and the city’s public school district that has recently come to light.

New York state law requires sex ed classes to include information about condoms, birth control, and HIV and STD transmission, and those standards were strengthened specifically for New York City’s public school district under a new citywide standard enacted in 2011. So far, those initiatives have been wildly successful, and New York City’s teen pregnancy rate has plummeted by more than 25 percent over the past decade.

But Church officials say that type of comprehensive sex ed instruction violates Catholic doctrine. In Catholic-affiliated schools, students are taught abstinence-only education with no mention of contraceptive methods — and at least in New York City, the Church’s influence can even impact public schools’ ability to teach sex ed.