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A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars

The average woman who is a porn actress is 5’5″ and weighs 117lbs and has B-cup breasts and is a white brunette.

There's some interesting stuff here about race, too.

Deep Inside - A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars | Jon Millward - Blog

The average male and female performer are the same height as the average American man and woman: 5’10″ and 5’5″ respectively.2 However, porn stars are quite a bit lighter. At 117 lbs, the average female performer is a considerable 48 lbs under the national average for women, and the average male, at 167.5 lbs, weighs 27 lbs less than the national average for men. So, just how were these porn stars’ weights determined when they were typed, probably with one hand, into the database?

IAFD’s data is culled from various sources, including performers’ modelling profiles and the information they give during interviews in the porn films themselves.3 So presumably at some point the heaviest woman in my sample, who weighs 719 lbs (about the same as two giant pandas),4 and the lightest woman, who weighs 10 times less, at 74 lbs (the same as the average American 10-year-old girl)5, mentioned their weights, and an owl-eared fan heard them and rushed to the database to pop them in.

I thought that maybe if the women are overestimating how light they are, they might also be a bit too generous when reporting their measurements. It turns out they probably aren’t though, because the most common bra size for a female porn star is a surprisingly handleable 34B. Not double-D, not even a D. Double-D actually came in 4th, behind B, C and D. The most common set of measurements for the women was 34–24-34.

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Apart from differences in the average heights and weights of performers, race seemed to make pretty much no difference to any of the other averaged stats. For instance, the data shows that the average age of a woman when she gets into porn is 22 years old—and it has been for the last 40 years—and that’s the case for all women, regardless of race. Men have been progressively getting into the business at a younger age, though: in the 1970s their average debut age was 29, but now it’s 24. Porn stars of both genders have also been progressively retiring earlier: in the ‘70s, men stayed in porn for an average of twelve years, and women for nine. Now men on average quit after four years, and women after three.