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And tonight the news broadcast the sound of police burning a black man alive

The video clearly captures the audio of cops saying "get the gas" and "burn it down." Early reports suggested that Dorner's cabin caught on fire on accident--maybe from tear gas rounds--but this video is strong evidence that the burning of the cabin was intentional.

There was no way Dorner would go to trial. No way he could get into the system and share his stories of police corruption. Look, if what he did is true, if he really did shoot cops and the daughter of a cop, then he deserved due process. He deserved arrest and a hearing and a trial and everything else we agree as a country is the right of every accused.

Hunting him down and burning him alive . . . every cop there should be fired. They murdered an American.

Christopher Dorner Shootout cops tell them to burn that motherf***** 2 - 12 -13 - YouTube