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Because of Republican sabotage, the post office will stop Saturday delivery

Just a reminder that the GOP passed a bill forcing the USPS to prepay for the next 75 years of health care expenses.

U.S. Postal Service To Discontinue Saturday Mail Delivery | TPM LiveWire

In an effort to trim costs, the U.S. Postal Service on Wednesday will announce that it will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays, the Associated Press reported. The change in service will not take effect until August in order to provide customers ample time to prepare.

It's a decision that has long been anticipated for the cash-strapped USPS. According to the AP, the government service is expected to say that the elimination of Saturday mail delivery will result in annual savings of about $2 billion. The USPS will continue to deliver packages six days a week.

Under the new plan, mail would be delivered to homes and businesses from Monday until Friday. Delivery to postal boxes would continue on Saturdays. The USPS has lobbied for an elimination of Saturday mail delivery in the past, but has failed to earn congressional approval to usher in the change. As the AP noted, it remains unclear if the Postal Service will be able to institute the change without a green light from Congress.