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Here are some great housing horror stories from San Francisco

My first place was a one bedroom shaped like a shoebox that I shared with a friend in the Inner Richmond (think: far and foggy and quiet and dull). When we showed up to the open house there were thirty couples in line ahead of us, all of them paying a processing fee to get their rental resumes looked at.

We ended up paying $1,400 a month to live there, but moved as soon as our lease was up.

These stories are SO MUCH WORSE.

Craigslist Housing Horror Stories - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

“I found a place on Craigslist before moving to the city, despite being told that never ever happens. Turns out it does happen when the ‘home’ is in bad enough shape that you couldn't PAY someone to live there. I'm afraid words – and your imagination – aren't equipped to do the shithole justice: mice, bugs, cracked doors, and an awful, constant medley of smells. Oh, and the toilet was broken the entire time I lived there. When a guest had the audacity to assume it was a working toilet, the ensuing overflow soaked into the hall carpet and was never fully cleaned. We pooped in grocery bags and threw them away. I never fully unpacked, and pooped in a BAG, for the four weeks it took me to find and move into a new sublet. I try so hard not to think about it, but maybe this public confession is healthy.”