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Dungeons & Dragons in Harmontown

So Dan Harmon (Community, Monster House, Channel 101, fart jokes) has this fantastic podcast. It's a rambly, soul-searching, riff with the live audience kind of thing. And one of the reliable bits is a quick chapter in their ongoing D&D game.

During an earlier show Dan Harmon expressed a drunken, nostalgic wish to play D&D again and there was a seasoned Dungeon Master in the audience. He was recruited and given a VISA to work in Harmontown and has been on tour with them as Dan's pocket DM.

Their games are weird, improvisational and utterly charming. It's my favorite thing right now.

This guy here that I linked to, he has taken all the Harmontown tour podcasts and excised just the D&D bits for your listening pleasure. Give it a listen, if you're into it.

Harmontown Clips - Dungeons & Dragons, Songs, Requests Welcome