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On Facebook, Clive Barker just admitted he used to be a sex worker

He worked as a gay hustler until 1987. He'd had two novels and dozens of short stories published by then. Wow.


Clive Barker My friend, you're right,it was a good time ; but there was a part of my life that I was still struggling to be free of ;a part I was afraid of sharing with you and Neil. I was a hustler. I worked mostly in London and a couple of times a year in New York.It was a secret that I wasn't ashamed of until I had a life I was able to be proud of. Then I felt like an utter fake.All these people who were so kind to me;what would they think of me if they knew just how very low the young man they thought they knew had fallen in order to keep shoes on his feet and food in his stomach? All the people who'd embraced me would kick me back into the darkness where I'd sold my cock and my hope for another,better life.I wrote about how empty i felt in the character of Gavin, the doomed hustler in the Books of Blood who was ,like me, an illusion,undeserving of the kindness and support I was so selflessly offered. I was still hustling until Weaveworld rewrote my life and I finally owned a self that I had imagined,and would now never be lost .