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When did you realize you were no longer enjoying comics?

There were several points for me, that pretty much broke me of the comics habit. When Marvel started charging $3.99 for books that took 30 seconds to read. When books I loved kept getting canceled or delayed. When DC said Fuck It to all sense of story or growth and relaunched all their books as shallow crap. Or maybe it was just one too many Mark Millar comics? Maybe it was the comics internet audience?

I still read a small handful of comics, but I mostly get them from my library these days.

GraphiContent: Blogathon 18: Best Time to Stop Reading Superhero Comics (Tucker Stone Guest Post)

I want to know about the moment when you let your standards slip. Me, Deadpool Max, I knew there was something off, but I kept returning. I thought I liked REBELS until I realized I just liked clinical, thin lined facial expressions. Looking into a box, realizing that I was the guy who read Geoff Johns Teen Titans comics, drawn by Mike Mckone. I see you doing it with Ellis, with treacly crap like The Massive, but I can understand that--it's competence, there's efficiency happening there. Bryan Wood, Bryan Vaughan--those are creators that have massive appeal if you have a tendency towards timers and productivity and deadlines. They get the job done, and while that job tends to be a 7 minute distraction over the barely 3 minutes that Rucka can provide, they tend to feel reliable. It's not art anyway, regardless of how well they've all adopted artist as their job description. Ellis is another beast entirely, a topic I can't imagine discussing with you seriously, we'd both just end up talking around each other, mumbling obscenities under our breath. It would be like an abortion debate, or the way Republicans and Democrats cockfight on talk radio. You think he's made some good comics, I think the world would be a far better place if he cleaned bowling alleys with his tongue and slept in a bucket.