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Yelp to include health inspection ratings on reviews

This seems like a good idea.

Yelp To Include Health Dept. Ratings For Restaurants In Some Cities – The Consumerist

First reported by the NY Post, then confirmed on the Yelp blog, the online review site says it plans on adding health inspection information for restaurants in San Francisco and New York City in the next few weeks, with Chicago and Philadelphia to follow.

The reviews that are currently live for some San Francisco restaurants included detailed data on violations and scores. The post reports that, at least at first, the NYC restaurants will only feature the letter grade given out by city health inspectors.

Though these letter grades are already required to be posted in prominent positions at the front of each eatery, some are concerned that the mere “A” or “B” might be misleading.

“You can have an A grade then fail an inspection, but while waiting for the tribunal keep posting an A — while someone will have a ‘grade pending’ [and] may actually be fighting to change a B to an A,” said the CEO of a company that owns a couple of popular Manhattan restaurants. “It’s not as simple as A, B and C.”