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This is what it's like to freelance for DC Comics

This is how I’ve come to think of the publisher....

This is how I’ve come to think of the publisher. Imagine standing across the street from moderately sized office building. You can’t see what exactly is going on in there, and you can’t really hear what’s going on in any great detail, but there are all these signs that something really dramatic and probably terribly wrong is happening in the building. Flashes of light, strange noises, screaming, smoke, vibrations — whatever.

Every once in a while, someone will jump out a window or get thrown through a window. Or come running screaming out of the door. They will have horror stories on their lips, and as they’re relating them, someone still in the building will open up a second story window and shout, “Don’t worry, everything’s fine. Don’t listen to them. They’re crazy!