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This Bittorrent box will let you download anything, watch it on your tv

And it'll stream from iTunes, too.

Certified BitTorrent Box Brings uTorrent to Your TV | TorrentFreak

With a quarter billion active users a month BitTorrent is without a doubt the most used file-sharing platform.

The vast majority of these BitTorrent users download video files, but despite these staggering statistics it can still be quite cumbersome to play downloaded files on the old-fashioned TV.

The first ever certified Android-powered BitTorrent box aims to change this. After the initial December launch was delayed, the BBK BitTorrent box officially goes up for sale today.

While we have seen devices that support BitTorrent downloads before, this is the first one that can can also stream content downloaded through uTorrent and BitTorrent clients on the local network.

This means that users can play content downloaded by uTorrent and BitTorrent directly on their TV. Below is a screenshot of the user interface, displaying the various BitTorrent clients the device can connect to wirelessly.