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Hundreds of workers riot at Foxconn factory over wage cuts, forced time off

Report: One Thousand Workers Riot at Foxconn

Initially, the outburst began in the factory's male worker dormitory. Security guards arrived on the scene to stop a thief, and allegedly, some Foxconn workers with grievances against the security guards, beat them up and drove them out.

From there, things escalated. Report stated that up to a thousand workers rioted, throwing chairs, pots, bottles, trash cans and fireworks. The rioters also destroyed public facilities, according to Want China Times.

The reason for the riot seems to be pay: Foxconn workers at the Chengdu plant are seeing their hours cut and are given unpaid days off for no reason. Employees are worried that if this continues, they'll be making less than minimum wage in China. The riot was apparently a manifestation of those concerns.