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Build Dirt-Cheap Toys with Dave-o at Maker Faire Detroit this Weekend! #makerfaire

Just got back from the Maker Faire Detroit load-in/meet-n-greet. There are some *crazy rad* displays this year, many featuring fire and Mad Max locomotion: Giant Crazy Truck-crushing Mousetrap is back, and there is also an angry, fire-breathing bear-dragon mobile, and that water swing, and mobile cupcake launchers, and something--I dunno what--that involves six propane tanks and a *very sturdy barrier*.

I'll be there showing folks how to jam out on homemade electric instruments, and build cardboard boomerangs and Quick-n-Easy Water Rockets (forecast calls for 90+ degrees and sunny; perfect water rocket weather). I'm also speaking on the MAKE: Live stage at 2:30 about building cheap toys, innovation, and neuroplasticity. So, if you're at Maker Faire, come say "Hey!" Tweet me @SquiDaveo if you want to rendezvous. Hope to see you there!