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In lawsuit against Tenn. mosque, opponents claim Islam is not a religion

This is the problem (and goal) of pushing the lie that America is a Christian nation founded by men who were all Jesus-worshiping Christians. It makes us intolerant to other religions and is pretty much the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers said and what the Constitution lays out.

Legitimacy of Islam at heart of Tenn. mosque suit | APP.com | Asbury Park Press

My God is better than your God.

That's the dispute at the heart of recent hearings in a lawsuit aimed at derailing the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. What started as a zoning issue has turned into a fight over theology and the role of government in recognizing religion.

Mosque opponents say that Islam is not a real religion. They argued in a Rutherford County courthouse last week that the world's second-largest faith, with its 1.6 billion followers, is actually a political movement.

Opponents say local Muslims want to replace the Constitution with an Islamic legal code called Shariah law.
. . .
"Shariah law is pure sedition," said Brandon in his opening statement Monday.

Local officials said that of course Islam is a religion. They say the proposed mosque is like any other house of worship. Constitutional scholars say it isn't the government's business to decide which faiths are legitimate and which are not.

Local Muslims say the claim about Shariah law and political conspiracies is nonsense.

"I have been a Muslim all my life, and I've never heard about Shariah law," said Lema Sbentaty, a Middle Tennessee State University student who attended part of the hearings last week. "If this was true, who would want to be a Muslim?"