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Suspicious Fire Ignites Houston Voting Fraud Scandal

Suspicious Fire Ignites Houston Voting Fraud Scandal - Christopher Helman - Southwest Bureau - Forbes

We have a voting scandal brewing here in Houston. On Friday a warehouse fire destroyed nearly all of Harris County’s 10,000 electronic voting machines. Suspicious? Absolutely.

Last week came allegations from Harris County voter registrar Leo Vasquez that Houston Votes had engaged in potentially fraudulent activity, including falsifying government documents and submitting multiple voter registrations for the same people. This means that in at least one reported case, a single person was registered to vote six times.

Vasquez compared the irregularities to those pinned on the ACORN group during the 2008 election cycle. “Houston Votes is the voter registration machine of the ‘Texans Together Education Fund.’ Houston Votes and Texans Together have effectively emerged as our area’s new ‘ACORN’ organization,” Vasquez reportedly said last week.

Fred Lewis, the president of Texans Together, told the Houston Chronicle that the allegations were baseless and that Vasquez should be investigated for trying to suppress voter registration.