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The Vasyugan swamp, the biggest swamp in the world

English Russia -- The Biggest Swamp In The World

This is the biggest swamp in the world. Its area is 20% wider than the area of Switzerland and makes up 53 thousand square kilometers. As scientists believe it sprang up 10 000 years ago and since then it is inexorably growing. It reminds motion of deserts.
On the territory of the swamp are more than 800 lakes, great number of rivers and streams begin here. And the amount of peat located in this swamp is just enormous - about 2% of the world resource!

The Biggest Swamp In The World 3

This is a place absolutely empty of people, strewed with cranberries, cloudberries and bog bilberries. Animals and birds live here absolutely free, fearing nobody and nothing. The big Vasyugan swamp is a nature phenomenon that does not have any analogs in the world.