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Boom Steers Retailers to Haven Distributors, Challenging Diamond's Monopoly

A big deal.

Boom Steers Retailers to Haven Distributors Comics Worth Reading

My, my, what IS up with Diamond these days? Boom! Studios today sent out a press release that said, in part:

Haven Distribution is proud to announce the deepest discount option available to Direct Market retailers for BOOM! Studios and BOOM Kids! titles.

Starting with BOOM!’s July-shipping books, Direct Market retailers will be able to buy the full line of BOOM! products at 50% off cover. Retailers now have another distribution option to receive the entire line of newly-shipping BOOM! Studios and BOOM Kids! titles and receive the best discount on these books available! In addition, BOOM!’s complete backlist of single issues and trade paperbacks will also be available to order from Haven with that same deep discount.

Diamond, the defacto monopoly distributor of the comic industry, is mentioned in the third paragraph, as “Haven Distribution now joins Diamond Comics Distributors in offering the complete line of BOOM! products.” Publishers have complained in the past that they wanted to sell their books more cheaply to retailers, but Diamond wouldn’t agree to raise their discount level. If this works, if retailers are convinced to swing large amounts of business to an alternative, maybe we could again have a comic industry where distributors compete on things like price and service.