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You'd Think It'd Be Really Easy to Come Up with a Pithy Title for this One . . .

But I've got nuthin:

Agatha Christie Fortune 'Sold By Accident' - Yahoo! News UK

Ms Grant had not tried to open the small locked box inside the trunk until recently. She said: "When I received it, I realised it contained a locked strongbox, but the auctioneer had no knowledge of a key. "It was a talking point at dinner parties for years but I never thought there might be anything in it." Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and she asked a builder who was working on her house to prise it open with a crow bar. Inside lay 35 gold coins in a small bag, a diamond engagement ring and a buckle-shaped jewelled brooch. "I was thrilled that I had something that touched Agatha Christie's life," Ms Grant said.

The real shocker here is that, evidently, in the UK, if the auction catalog doesn't list the *contents* of an item, those contents aren't neccesarily considered a part of the auction contract. Is that crazy, or does it just seem crazy to me, as an American, where private property law trumps all?