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Why Does this Book Keep Haunting Me?

About a year ago I was writing a book proposal for a geeky DIY toymaking book. In order to get an idea of how crowded the market was, I searched Amazon to see what was out there; when this book--Make Your Own Sex Toys--was the top return for both "make your own toys" and "diy toys," I decided that maybe there was just a little room left in the "non-sex toy craft books" niche.

Now I'm working on the book, and in searching the Internet to try and establish how the little vibration motors are usually mounted in cell phones[1], I come across:

Homemade Sex Toys: Calling all the Ladies - Asylum.com

This means something.

[1] FYI, now that I've gutted a handful of broken phones from different manufacturers, I know that there are about a bajillion different placements and mountings for the damn motors, but they're all basically 3 volts.