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What I've Learned: Dogs and Rectal Prolapse

A week ago my wife called me in a semi-panic (she was home from work for the evening, I was working at a cafe) because she thought our dog, a somewhat grizzled miniature poodle, had prolapsed his rectum (DO NOT GOOGLE THE TERM "PROLAPSED RECTUM"!) while straining out a hard poop.  As it turned out, he had not; at the emergency vet he and I learned that 1) he had super badly swollen anal glands because 2) he had a bad tapeworm infestation because 3) he ate a mouse or something.  Let this be a lesson to you:

  1. Do not eat mice.
  2. $150 is a cheap vet bill if you have spent the hour prior to getting that bill mentally preparing yourself to pay a grand for dog surgery or to have your dog euthanized.