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What I've Learned: LASIK Guys Don't Really Even Know What Squeamish Is

Was sorting through some stuff on my computer, and came across this note from an interview I did with an ophthalmologists who runs a LASIK clinic. I mentioned that I was a little freaked out by the idea of paying someone out-of-pocket to cut my eyeball, either with a razor (as in traditional radial keratotomy) or using a laser. In response, he pointed out that "the eye is the only part of the brain that's exposed to the air." When I pointed out that this fact not only didn't help, but made me feel icky in a whole different dimension, he made one of those medical-doctor chuckle grunts, the kind grizzled fisherman make when you squeal at the prospect of putting a worm on a hook.

The eye is the only part of the brain that's exposed to the air. It's the kind of thing a serial killer says as he's delicately placing a dental tool against your cornea. Guy says a thing like that, it makes me glad that I pretty much only do phone interviews.