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I Think This Copywriter Is Slightly Overstating the Benefits of this Product

We originally got this in time to add it to our Holiday Buying Guide, but I mistook it for spam, and thus ignored an anthropologically fascinating link:

InYuDeep : For years they've locked it away, kept it classified

Now you can experience what humans have fantasized about for decades . . . incredible sex with an alien! It's pussy-shaped mouth, 3 supples breasts, suction cup fingers and ass-shaped ears make it the kinkiest love slave in the galaxy.

Mojonaut Proto Protoss writes:

ROFLMAO! Animal and even ALIEN Sex Dolls. It's hilarious. I think you can type up something pretty funny about that.

Sadly, I can't think of a damn thing; the product speaks for itself.

*thanks Proto Protoss!*


There was a buying guide? Buh?

I think I was trapped under a bottle of bourbon at the time and missed it....


[dave-o sez: Yeah, I didn't get around to putting together a gift guide, either. The holidays are stressful, OK?!? Everyone OFF MY BACK!!!]

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