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Print Death worsens: Bye bye, Voice

This is going to be a very interesting world in which we are going to end up living. The ad-swollen taste-makers and opinion-leaders who once ran their little sub-cultures are filling with bad gas and exploding in the mid-day sun. What will the landscape of mediated thought look like in 5 years?

Village Voice Puts Its Non-Existent Money Where Its Mouth Is / Jossip

Village Voice Media is running out of cash, fast. Even though it's been over a year since they turned their weekly alt-paper into a slighty smaller weekly alt-paper, and fired a bunch of their bigger-named journos, the Voice, once such a staple of counter-culture in New York, is now left trying to scrounge up enough cash to pay anybody, anybody at all. So editors and senior managers are all taking a 10-15& pay cut, which is unfortunate but basically a good business plan if they don't want to be left holding the accountability bag when all the associate writers and "permalancers" (or whatever they're calling the slave labor) start picketing

They also recently laid off Nat Hentoff, which is fine, because his anti-choice whining is a pain in my fucking ass. Maybe they'll pull his column, too, and get him out of my local paper.

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