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"Speed Camera Pimping Game": Teens Use the State to do Their Bidding, Hassle Their Classmates

Mojonaut Milt writes:

This could damn near be a DIY article if it had pictures:

Don't like speed cameras? Use them to punk your enemies

Interesting that it's blamed on "those damn teenagers", but I'm glad to see someone circumventing this system. I don't believe traffic cameras increase safety at all and they certainly push the limits on privacy concerns. Plus, I like to think that I've got a sporting chance at getting away with speeding and the cameras really take the fun out of.

From the article:

Students at Richard Montgomery High School in Maryland have discovered that they can duplicate the license plates of their archenemies by printing a Maryland plate template on a sheet of glossy photo paper and digging up a handy license plate character font, according to a parent speaking to The Sentinel. This may sound like a janky craft project at first, but these cameras are not sensitive enough to pick up the differences between these paper license plates and the real things. The students then tape the faux plate over their own and purposefully speed in order to be caught by the speed camera, causing the real owner of the license plate to receive a $40 citation in the mail.

Has anyone told Bruce Schneier about this? He hates those damn things.

And, just to add my pair of pennies, doesn't it sorta undercut the point of law enforcement if you let a crime continue and charge a fee later, as opposed to interrupting the commission of the crime?

*thanks milt!*