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"Why do women like soup?"

Wow; these are some really good questions.

The Explainer questions we never answered in 2008. - By Daniel Engber - Slate Magazine

* What is the most disloyal dog breed?

* Why does some music make you want to shake your butt?

* Could you please explain why it is that squirrels are capable of such amazing athletic feats? What is it about their brains and, to a lesser degree, their bodies that allows it? I watch them at my house and have seen some amazing things.

* Why do women like soup? Is it for perceived health benefits? Is it because it's a quasi-comfort food?

. . .

* Why don't humans have a mating season?

. . .

* My toaster identifies which of the two slots should be used for making a single slice of toast. Why does it make a difference which slot I use?

. . .

* Does indoor tanning hurt your t--- if you have had a breast silicone implant put in for over 30 years?

* Why do all of the deli guys and food cart guys call me "Boss" (well, me and everyone else)?

Mojonauts, I ask you: What is the most disloyal breed of dog? Please cite specific evidence in your answer.

*thanks, HelDar!*


Poodle. He's waiting for me to die in my sleep so he can gnaw at my body. I know this because I've caught him giving me that hungry look when he thinks I'm possibly dead. He's waiting. Damn ten pounds of dog evil wrapped up in white fur.