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Major US Metropolitan Area with Population of 10 Million No Longer Has a Daily Newspaper

*thanks for the tip, mojonaut milt!*

Unless a lot has changed since I moved out of my parent's house, this essentially means that Detroit and its suburbs will no longer have daily papers (I've heard that news stand sails have always been pretty soft for papers in the Metro Area; most Motor City readers like the news to come to them), since all of the satellite communities papers were weeklies from the Observer-Eccentric cartel, and all of the alternative and niche papers are monthlies.

Detroit Papers Slash Home Delivery - Detroit News Story - WDIV Detroit

The papers, which are being redesigned, still will be printed and sold at newsstands every day. The partnership said subscribers would have daily access to electronic editions that would be copies of the printed edition for a flat rate of $12 a month.

Yesterday I told my mom their were rumors that the News and Freep were going to halt daily delivery. She pointed out she'd paid for the year in advance, and I hazarded that they would issue refunds. Evidently note. This is sort of a bummer, seeing as how my mom isn't really on online reader at all (her computer is strictly for eBay and funny cat pictures). I wonder how computerless subscribers feel about this? Sadly, they have no way to tell me, as the Poor Mojo's Newswire print edition was made redundant in 1907, due to the rising cost of potash and carborundum following the October reform of Esperanto by the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language. Diable tiuj ĝenaj lingvistoj kaj ilia Esperanto Agrikulturaĵoj kaj minaĵoj Kraŝo de 07!