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Obama seeks to create 2.5m jobs


BBC NEWS | Americas | Obama seeks to create 2.5m jobs

US President-elect Barack Obama says he wants his economic team to find ways to generate 2.5 million new jobs during his first two years in office.

In a weekly address on the internet, Mr Obama said he wanted to sign the plan soon after taking office on 20 January.

The message came as unemployment claims rose by 540,000 in the US, taking the total to 1.2 million jobs lost in 2008.

Mr Obama, said to have chosen Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary, is due to name his economic team on Monday.


I propose that we let him do this, America. What do you say? Shall we give the crazy kid a shot?

Do we get to pick? I can't decide between landscaping a new state park campground, painting a mural in a post office, or replacing sidewalks.


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