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When They Say "Justice", the Mean "Just Us," Kids.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Ex-KKK man freed over 1964 deaths

Mojonaut Milt writes:

Saw this story about the KKK dude who was sentenced last year for the 1964 slayings of 2 black teens. Seems he's getting out, but I fail to understand why. The story notes a statute of limitations on kidnapping charges. But he didn't just kidnap them, he also killed them. So why is he getting out? Maybe they were only able to make the kidnapping charge stick?

But then any judge with a GED would know that there's a statute of limitations on a kidnapping charge so how did they put him away in the first place? I'm confused and not at all pleased that this guy is getting out of jail while my 17 year old cousin is starting his 2nd year up the river on an underage drinking + assualt charge. Sure my cousin got drunk and got in a fight while he was on probation, but he most certainly did NOT kidnap 2 teenagers, beat them unconscious, put them in a weighted sack, and dump them in a lake because they were black. My cousin is merely an idiot, this guy is a violent racist killer. Why does he get cut slack just because he hasn't killed anyone in awhile?

Milt, I know this is cold comfort, but it might help to keep in mind that James Ford Seale is 72-years-old (just like Senator McCain--Oops!) and has cancer and periodic organ failures. He may be free, but it sure ain't gonna last long. In a few years your cousin will be older, wiser, and a free man, and Seale will just be plain old dead.

Hey, is James Ford Seale related to Bobby Seale? How weird is that? I bet their family reunions were awkward as Hell--either that or Bobby pushes James Ford around in his wheelchair all afternoon, the two of them cracking Driving Miss Daisy and Stepin Fetchit jokes until both have tears running down their faces. Bobby always was good with old folks.