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Free Haggis Cart?

Overheard in New York | Like Shock Therapy, Except With Vomiting

Guy with friend (hurriedly): Are you guys shutting down anytime soon?

Free haggis cart guy: No, no, we'll still be here.

Guy with friend: Good, 'cause we got a buddy comin' over from work.

Free haggis cart guy (with some enthusiasm): Is your friend Scottish or something?

Guy with friend: No, he's depressed. But we figured some haggis would cheer him up.

Free haggis cart guy: Oh.

What most disturbs me here is not that the demand for haggis in NYC justifies an entire cartload, but that the Free Haggis Cart Guy is, evidently, such an established part of New York life that the phenomenon bears no explanation. NYC Mojonauts, please weigh in: Is this a normal thing on Broadway, or are there many layers of Unlikely at work here? Details, please.


No, _unfortunately_ the haggis cart was a one-weekend thing last April as part of Scotland Week. pics here:

frankly though, a lot of the quotes on overheard, like this one, seem a little too good to be true. but i always assume they're a little more david sedaris true than james frey true.