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Bon Jovi giving Detroit more of what it doesn't need, houses

Bon Jovi helps bring down a house in Detroit - Yahoo! News

Here's the thing: Detroit doesn't need more houses. It's full of houses. Sure, a lot of them are rotten and decrepit and possibly full of crackheads. But very many of them are hundred-year-old fixer-uppers that could very easily be put back on the market. Detroit doesn't need new houses at all, it needs repairs.

I have aunts that work for Habitat for Humanity, raising money to build new houses in D-town. It costs over a hundred thousand dollars to build a new house in Detroit, but you can buy a perfectly good house for thirty thousand.

And these new houses, what hope do they have of surviving when Detroit still has no jobs and a tax rate that would make a Roman emperor blush?

The Grammy winner was in a neighborhood on Detroit's East Side Monday to announce the building of five new homes as part of a partnership among his Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, Saturn and Habitat for Humanity Detroit.

People gathered and cheered "knock it down" as construction workers busted a hole in the roof of the last remaining house on the block to be razed. Detroit-area Saturn retailers then raised the first wall of a new home.

"I wanted to come back and give something back to you," Bon Jovi told the crowd.

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