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Ask the Giant Squid: Where do Squid come from?

Poor Mojo's Squid

This week in Ask the Giant Squid he answers the question Where do Giant Squids come from?

My Dear Readers,

It shames me to know you all.

Do none of you know any of the ways that birds and bees and cockle-fish and storks and serpents and apples and the many waters of heaven and earth do co-mingle in order that each unique being on this planet might be birthed anew?

I hardly can believe the child-like naivetee of this question. Frankly, I shun and revile the childlike naivetee of a great bulk of your questions. But this query, being so far beyond the pale in evidencing such unadorned and startlingly frank ignorance, forced me to survey -- at random -- the inhabitants and passers-through of my laboratory most faire in order to assess a baseline of human ignorance from which I might calibrate my own revulsion at your state of knowinglessness.

Here are the results of my survey. It should be noted that they do make my triple hearts both sad (left and center) and very sad (right.)

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