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Frank Stallone and Jesus Christ called on to mediate boxing dispute

Pray for me, Frank Stallone

Awesome. Boxing commissioner gets in a tiff with a casino and what happens? HOLY WAR WITH GENERAL FRANK STALLONE!

With Mille Lacs now demanding that Gov. Tim Pawlenty remove LeDoux from his post as boxing commissioner, the Fighting Frenchman has assumed a more aggressive posture. Early Thursday, he fired off a mass email to the likes of Frank Stallone (Sly's brother), Matt Blair (the former Minnesota Viking), and "MOMMY LeDoux" (paging Dr. Freud).

The list of recipients was not as strange as the content of the email. It began with the claim that "Satan has been on the attack against me" ever since three people "gave their life to Christ" at a church where LeDoux spoke. After asking his friends to contact the governor's office to voice their support, LeDoux made one more request: "Pray for me that Satan is run off by Jesus. I need your help!!"

thanks, David