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How many makes a mob?

Sp!ked | One man is not a mob

The "mob" is pictured below. I'm pretty sure that if you've all got your own placards and are standing in a nice, neat rank, you pretty much can't be a mob. That's barely a gathering size-wise, and nobody's throwing anything.

So was there a ‘bloodthirsty mob’, a ‘hate mob’, baying for the beheading of the captured British servicemen in Tehran last week? Hardly. Morteza Nikoubazl, the Iranian photographer who took the pictures of the ‘mob’, says there were 11 students in an orderly line outside the foreign ministry in Tehran. Eleven students do not make a mob, which according to the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘the disorderly and riotous part of the population, the rabble; a tumultuous crowd bent on lawlessness’.