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Wrestlemania was in Detroit this weekend. Newsflash: Detroit is "unglamorous"

the paper of record, bitch | Flashy Wrestling Shows Grab the World by the Neck and Flex

A friend of mine emailed this to me to tease me for being both a Michigander and guy that refuses to hide his taste for wrestling. Still, the gold here is in listening to the NYT talk about wrestling. It's like listening to David Bowie tell you about the best parts of a monster truck rally. Dig it:

Meanwhile, the eyes and wallets of millions around the world were fixed on this unglamorous city for what is becoming a star-studded entertainment happening: WrestleMania. On Sunday 80,103 people from 24 countries and 50 states packed the cavernous Ford Field stadium here while the program was delivered via satellite to 110 countries.

Two decades after stars like Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter propelled professional wrestling from the dank beer halls of its infancy onto screens around the globe, this smorgasbord of hairspray, cleavage and monster body slams remains as popular as ever, even if it usually escapes the notice of coastal tastemakers.