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Warren Ellis on simulated drugs in Second Life

Reuters/Second Life Second Life Sketches: News From Nowhere

Digital drug simulations have been around almost as long as the Internet. They all work in much the same way, and have been adapted for remote sex work by an apparently booming business of “hypnodomme” erotic submission specialists: compound audiovisual systems intended to induce a mild trance in the uninterrupted viewer.

I think it was Ash Scanlan who shot me the landmark to the Seclimine Drug Shack, saying “you really need to see this.” It looks like a well-kept squat. A couple of nasty-looking sofas, a big image of ex-Suicide Girl Apnea dominating one wall. And a rack of pill bottles. Popping the notecard out of the nearest bottle gives you an explanation of the score. The drug Seclimine is designed to get you and your avatar stoned.