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Fantastically crazy shitbird Sen. Rick Santorum's new attack ad features a dead guy

via Raw Story | Piladelphia Daily News | Attywood | antorum ad accusing Casey of corruption features dead man, pols linked to Santorum himself

GOP Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum's flagging re-election campaign has launched a new TV attack ad that can only be described as absurdist theatre, if not out-and-out absurd.

Using actors and interspersed with grainy black and white, the new 30-second spot seeks to tie his Democratic foe, state treasurer Bob Casey, to a shady cast of corrupt characters, without naming names. In fact, not a single one of the past Casey backers vaguely alluded to in the ad has anything to do with his current race for the Senate.

Rick Santorum is a mentally-ill child abuser.