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I'm not sorry

I'm Not Sorry dot net | Celebrating the Right to Choose

I'mNotSorry.net is a site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion. The stories posted on this site may contain graphic descriptions of medical procedures, as well as attitudes that may not be in current vogue.

Alyssa's Story
I am a mom, in my mid thirties, with two wonderful teenage boys. My husband and I love our boys tremendously. Every free moment is spent coaching , supporting, and generally enjoying either one son or the other. I absolutely adore babies and have dedicated my life to children. That said, my husband and I are also looking forward to a time when the boys are independent and we can spend more time with each other.

So, I find myself pregnant, first at 33, then again at 35. Adding a baby to the mix at this point would not be the best choice for my two older children or for my husband and I. Adoption was never really considered, because I don't want my sons internalizing the fact that I am willing to give up their brother or sister. When they are adults and faced with difficult decisions I may share my abortion story with them. It's not something I'm ashamed of, just something they're not ready to hear yet.

I made a choice to end two pregnancies. I made a choice to continue to give my two sons the time and attention that they deserve. I made a choice to not burden our family financially. I made a choice to spend more time with my husband and to help our relationship, as not only parents, but as lifetime partners, flourish. I don't regret my decisions and I'm not sorry.

Thank you for letting me share my story.