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US spends ** Martyr Week ** ignoring NATO pleading for money in Afghanistan

Lemmie get this straight. ** Martyr Week ** is invented in 2001 by the Saudi Arabian genius who has carved an Evil Supervillan Headquarters out of Afghanistan. Naturally, we tell all of our dear NATO allies -- except the 52nd state, the UK -- to go fuck themselves, we're bombing Baghdad nana-nana-boo-boo on Old Europe. Three years later, we tell our dear NATO allies to go fuck themselves, figure out Afghanistan without us, we're busy feeding soldiers to the IED Circus in Mesopotamia and the Chinese have called the loan.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian ** Martyr Week ** inventor calmly gets his blood cleaned and gives interviews in Northern Pakistan, fondling the Get Out of Jail Card provided by the USA's good friend, the unelected dictator.

What the fuck?

via Raw Story | thescotsman.com | NATO pleas for help rejected

Key quote
"If we are going to reconstruct Afghanistan, we have to have the resources. The problem has been that the resources have been desperately stretched by the invasion of Iraq. Instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan after 2001, the West went blundering into Iraq" - ALEX SALMOND

The article essentially blames France and Germany for not smashing their piggy banks. What's their motiviation? Why didn't the US clean up and secure Afghanistan like it promised? The $314.4 billion the US has tossed down a rathole in Iraq could have gone a long way toward that end.