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If raising babies is so great, why don't men do it?

Now, I know men who do raise children -- including a PoorMojo editor, so how about that. I'd do it myself, if a) my wife made more money than me, and b) my wife wasn't absolutely certain that I would ruin the kids.

Bookslut | I love Linda Hirshman and her book Get to Work.

FARABEE: What about those who say raising children is the most important job a person can do?

HIRSHMAN: I have no idea what they mean by that. If, in fact, it were the most important thing a human being could do, then why are no men doing it? They'd rather make war, make foreign policy, invent nuclear weapons, decode DNA, paint The Last Supper, put the dome on St. Peter's Cathedral; they'd prefer to do all those things that are much less important than raising babies?

I love these sayings, because they're so stupid. I'll tell you what I think is actually going on: People think that women's lives aren't important enough to merit a real analysis. We get aphorisms in place of analysis. Why do we say stuff like that instead of actually trying to figure out what's going on here when it's women whose lives are at stake? If you can make an argument for why childrearing -- especially in the context that they are at school from the age of around five on for most of their waking hours -- why that is the most important job, I'd like to hear that.