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Ruined Music

Ruined Music

While Ruined Music was originally intended to focus on post-breakup song ruination, you, our readers, have convinced us to expand the scope of our project. So feel free to interpret “Ruined Music” as you will, as long as some kind of interpersonal (or inter-species) relationship is involved, and a song gets ruined as a result. Query us if you’re unsure, but chances are good that if your story is under 1,000 words and witty and true, we’ll love it as our own.

Tell us your story. Feel better. Reclaim your record collection.

Here's a sample:

My first boyfriend thought he was a poet. Wait, it gets worse. My first boyfriend thought he was a poet but he dreamed of becoming a mime. He also had a long blond ponytail...

Ever since then, the sunny intro of “Cecilia” has made me cringe. It reminds me of what a selfish jerk I was and it makes me feel sorry for Henry, despite the eyeballs, despite the poetry. But more than anything it makes me regret being the girl who thought she had to date a wannabe mime in order to be normal, the stupid girl who thought normal was a thing that existed anyway.

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