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Are the Words “Israel" and “Jews” Synonymous?

All I know is this: All my sane Jewish friends despise Likud and Zionism. And that questioning anything Israel does generally gets one tagged an anti-Semite. Ergo, I guess my sane Jewish friends are also anti-Semites. Darn that logic stuff, anyway.

via Disinformation | Guerrilla News Network | Are the Words “Israel" and “Jews” Synonymous? | By Danny Schechter

As someone who grew up in a community that each year marked the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, its lessons were drilled into my head from an early age. I was taught to support those who resist aggression and stand for human rights. And as anyone who saw the film Schindler’s List knows, it was not just Jews who joined that fight. There were “righteous” Christians and people of all nationalities.

Yet, at the same time, I believed that the bitter history of Jewish suffering conveyed on us a special responsibility to speak out when others are suffering and yearning for freedom.... know of many Jews who share that concern, and, in fact, surveys have shown over the years that ordinary members of the Jewish community are far more politically progressive about the need for peace than those who claim to be their “leaders,” a self-righteous elite who sit on top of vast fundraising machines. ...

The memory of the Holocaust is still manipulated for political purposes....Some organizations are just shilling for the Israeli government –no matter what it does—out of both tribal loyalty and political fealty to neo-con/Likudnik politics, a perspective which enjoys unrivalled and disproportionate access to the media and its think-alike punditocracy. Some are just money generating mechanisms sending money to Israel, a developed county that gets $3 billion dollars annually in U.S. aid intended for developing nations. The Federation which supports many social services just sent millions. One wonders how much of this will go to Israeli Arabs who have also had homes bombed?

It’s not surprising that many Jews are unaware of what’s happening largely because of the information diet they are exposed to, every day and in all media like the rest of us. They are expected to recite the “official” mantra—not think for themselves.