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"In the long term, the only thing that can make a difference is a devastating, catastrophic, overwhelming victory for the Israelis, where nothing is left living in southern Lebanon, south of the Litani River."

Talkshow host Michael Savage is on the Pancreatic Cancer list. I hope he gets it, suffers, dies, is reincarnated and then dies from it again.

via Randi Rhodes | Media Matters | Savage: Israel must ensure "nothing is left living in Southern Lebanon" and must "free[ ] itself of the men ... act[ing] like Holocaust Jews hiding in the sewer"

SAVAGE: I have nothing more to say on the issue. Either Israel wants to live, and Israel frees itself of the Holocaust mentality -- and Israel frees itself of the men who are acting as though they are still hiding in the sewers of Warsaw instead of walking in the clear light of Tel Aviv. And if they want to act like Holocaust Jews hiding in the sewer, I cannot change the psyche of the leadership of Israel. I can't do it. If they want to act like sabras who were born in the Mediterranean and belong there and are willing to fight for it and use all the power they have and crush the bastards and get it over with, right to the Litani River, well so be it. But they're not willing to do that, therefore they're going to lose.