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How to Kill a War in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps

via disinfo.com | Village Voice | How to Kill a War in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps | Desperate times call for desperate measures—like talking to lobbyists

With polls showing rising opposition and with congressional races looming, peace activists have their best shot yet of ending the war—and they know it. Judith LeBlanc, national co-chair of the umbrella group United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), tells the Voice, "We have to utilize the opportunity of the midterm elections as a referendum on this war and its impact on our communities."
The question is how to translate the growing opposition to the war into an actual change in U.S. policy. More than three years of demonstrations hasn't done it, and a City Council resolution won't get a single G.I. out of harm's way. "I wish," one frustrated anti-war activist joked last week, "that we had $50,000 to hire a lobbyist and say, ' You tell us what to do.' "
It turns out the bag of cash isn't necessary. Some of New York's veteran lobbyists and political consultants are willing—for no more than the price of a phone call—to map out the advice they'd give if the peace movement walked into their offices, plopped down its placard, and asked, "How do we stop the war?"

1. Keep it simple 2. Cut off the money 3. Connect the dots 4. Pick the right target 5. Scare someone 6. Go local 7. Mine those data 8. Make it emotional 9. Support the troops 10. Don't hire a lobbyist

Unfortunately, the earnest, literalist, passionate dullards on the left will not follow any of this good advice.