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Frozen Bunny-cube

From the NY POST:

April 13, 2006 -- A dead rabbit was found in a block of ice in Union Square Park, after a disheveled mystery man dumped the corpse and ran away.

"I was really grossed out," said poet Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, 44, who posted photos of the blood-filled ice block on the Internet.

"It was such a completely insane New York sight that I felt I had to post the pictures."

Pearlberg was strolling around last Thursday afternoon when she saw a crowd of 15 to 20 people gathered around a red and white object on the ground. Inside the cloudy ice block was a rabbit with blood suspended underneath it.

The ASPCA is investigating.

"If it was an art project I'm not quite sure what was artful about that," Pearlberg said.

Pictures below

This and more pictures here